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☆☆ I track the "mayorjen" tag! ☆☆ Hiya guys! My name is Jenny, and I'm a British animal crossing blogger! I love pancakes and my favorite villager of all time is Joey! Happy to help if you ask, and I follow back most animal crossing related blogs.

☆☆ Don't be shy, talk to me!☆☆

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i wanna change up my acnl town but i literally have no idea where to start

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First order of business with my student loan is to buy acpg and make sure it’s the shitting pal version


the fall sports fair is on september 23rd! join your villagers for aerobics (9am), foot races (11am), the ball toss (1pm), and a tug-o-war (3pm)!

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Flash Giveaway


Giveaway ends at 11 pm EST tonight! (SEP21)

1st place

4 Million Bells

Chibi drawing of your mayor


3 Million Bells

Don’t have to be following me, but if you are I’ll probably throw in a free head shot drawing of your mayor for you to use as an icon, ect.

Only reblogs count as an entry sorry qts

You’ll need to be comfortable sharing your FC with me!

Also, for first place, the chibi of your mayor I’ll need a screen shot, as well as your DA if you have one. This is mostly me testing out doing comissions based on mayors and their towns, So I’ll probably be doing a few more flash giveaways!

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Artist: Kazumi Totaka, Managa Tominaga, Shiho Fujii

Album: Animal Crossing: City Folk Original Soundtrack

Track: 7 AM (Rain)

Plays: 1,166


Clover garden 2.0 featuring trees.


What if Normal villagers still talked about Moppina in New Leaf.


hums the town tune every hour

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