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☆☆ I track the "mayorjen" tag! ☆☆ Hiya guys! My name is Jenny, and I'm a British animal crossing blogger! I love pancakes and my favorite villager of all time is Joey! Happy to help if you ask, and I follow back most animal crossing related blogs.

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I’m afraid of the hairdressers I’m not even joking

Anonymous: I didn't realize that the police station you pick determines either Copper and Booker so when I got Copper, I was like "Oh, I guess Booker's not in this game" but then I see people him and the lesser attractive station and I weep because I loved Booker and ugh. I've been getting used to Copper, but man, I wish I could switch sometimes...


Do you think Gulliver gets on Kapp’n’s boat and Kapp’n gets sick of Gulliver blabbering on about his adventures, so he throws him overboard, and that’s how he ends up on your beach?

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me after having people sleep over


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When your mom wakes you up early on the weekend to go run errands:


When she says she’ll buy you something:


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My dash did a thing

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animal crossing 4: you get mistaken for the new pope

animal crossing: new belief

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spending labor day with my friends

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Anonymous: why is joey your favorite hes not even cute?

Why do we breathe tree breath

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